Total length of reconstructed or modernized roads 12.5 km

Number of joint mechanisms to facilitate the connection of secondary / tertiary nodes to the TEN-T infrastructure (eg route guidance, detection and management of incidents / emergencies, road traffic studies, feasibility studies in cross-border: 5

1. A campaign to raise awareness of road safety

2. Manual for safe driving

3. Web-based application with information about dangerous critical points -2 pcs

4. Guide to best practices for road intervention / construction to limit duration, risk and pollution


A web platform has been developed for tracking black spots on roads in a cross-border region.



A “black spot” or blackspot location is a place where traffic accidents are more frequent than the average statistical levels for the road infrastructure. Most often this happens for a variety of reasons, such as a sudden change in the longitudinal or transverse gradient of the road, inclusion of a road so that traffic on the main road is hidden, poor or hidden warning signs at an intersection, or inadequate markings to regulate overtaking opportunities. After performing an analysis of the spatial distribution of accidents, road conditions and the reasons for their occurrence in places with an increased concentration of road accidents, the dangerous zones-blackspot locations on the territory of the cross-border region were determined.

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