The overall objective of the project is to ensure better TEN-T connectivity for Alexandria and Cherven-Bryag under traffic safety conditions. The development of transport networks in the cross-border region will facilitate inter-regional cooperation and help to increase the competitiveness of the business sector, labor mobility and, nevertheless, sustainable regional development. Rehabilitation of the road infrastructure, 4500.20 m in Alexandria and 8000 m in Cherven Bryag respectively, will improve conditions for road safety, competitiveness of the two municipalities, allow better utilization of tourism potential and improve the cooperation capacity of partners in the area of transport. Rehabilitated road infrastructure will reduce travel time, help reduce pollution, help reduce congestion.

The project aims to contribute to the consolidation of a sustainable European and cross-border transport system linked to the core TEN-T network. All the activities that will be implemented in the project contribute to the sustainable development of the regions and the improvement of road safety.

The project will contribute to the following results: reducing the gap between peripheral, poorly accessible regions and well-connected urban centers, improving connectivity between Romania and Bulgaria: effective connection of tertiary nodes to the core TEN-T network, which will help reduce the traveling and optimizing logistics through improved traffic management, improved safety, security and environmental performance.

The modernization of infrastructures means not only the rehabilitation of roads, but also the improvement of overall transport planning and management of the area. In addition, hazardous road maps will be developed for both partners to show where road accidents are highly concentrated, a media campaign to raise awareness of road safety and a safe driving guide.

Brochure "Be careful on the road"

Safety Driving Guide